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UPDATE: Open Payments Portal Back Online

CMS announced August 15 that the Open Payments system is once again available for physicians and teaching hospitals to register, review and, as needed, dispute financial payment information received from health care manufacturers. The system was taken offline on August 3 to resolve a technical issue. To account for system down time, CMS is extending the time for physicians and teaching hospitals to review their records to September 8, 2014. The public website will be available on September 30, 2014.

Weigh In on This Issue!
What do you think about the Open Payments system?  Please share your opinions and experiences in this AMA survey by noon on August 22.

The medical community expressed concern about the accuracy and integrity of the database, especially after glitches left the portal unusable for long periods of time. In a letter to CMS,
the AMA, MSDC and other state and specialty medical societies asked CMS for a six-month delay of the public release of information. 


Novitas Deadline Fast Approaching

  Don’t forget to change the Novitas mailing address in your records before August 26, 2014. Novitas Solutions has a new mailing address and physicians are urged to stop using the Novitas Solutions Camp Hill PO Boxes/ addresses and visit the Contact Us page to determine the appropriate Mechanicsburg, PA PO Boxes/ addresses. Sending claims and other correspondence to the wrong address will delay processing of your request and may impact timeliness. Mail received at the Camp Hill PO Boxes/ addresses will be returned effective August 26, 2014.





Investigation Into Physician Tax Identity Theft Continues

   The Medical Society of the District of Columbia received numerous reports from District physicians and other state medical societies about an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax scam affecting physicians. Although the source of the breach has not yet been determined, the Medical Society continues to communicate with state and local authorities about this risk.

  According to the reports, fraudulent income tax returns are being filed using physician names, addresses and Social Security numbers. IRS officials believe this scam is an attempt to fraudulently recover tax refunds. 
  Physicians often become aware of the scam after attempting to file their 2013 income tax returns with the IRS. Victims have been unable to file their taxes electronically, as a return has already been filed under their Social Security number.
This fraud has occurred with federal, state and out-of-state tax filings.

  Has This Happened to You?

  If so, the Medical Society recommends you:

1. ACCESS IRS IDENTITY PROTECTION:  The IRS has tools and information available on its identity protection information page

2. CONTACT MSDC: If you have been affected by this scam OR if you detect unusual or suspicious activity on your credit report, please notify Pia Duryea at 202-466-1800 or

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Measuring the Impact of the Affordable Care Act and Health Care Reform

  August 27, 2014
  12:15 PM

CAView is a joint initiative athenahealth launched with the Robert Woods Foundation. Read more or register here.


Technically Speaking ... When Medicine & Technology Collide

  September 16, 2014

  September 17, 2014

  October 14, 2014

  November 13, 2014

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